Mistress Artemisia de Vine
Mistress Artemisia de Vine

Classic BDSM Sessions & Ongoing D/s Dynamics

Elegantly perverted, independent, Sydney Dominatrix. Beautiful, fully equipped inner city dungeon and domestic kink play space in Chippendale/Redfern area.

I specialise in in-depth explorations of Dominance & submission & bringing the complex twists of the kinky psyche to life. I am the Domina you submit to when you sense there is something more possible…

The most potent reason we are drawn to BDSM, is the places we go inside ourselves, and with each other. For that, you need an experienced guide and an artist of the erotic mind. 

As Mistress, I create opportunities to apply for both one-off experiences and in-depth and ongoing training for those that crave to kneel before a powerful, undeniably Dominant Woman.


What does a Mistress Session Contain?

Each session, 2 hours or longer contains:

30min in depth consultation and mapping of your unique erotic psyche. This makes an enormous difference to what W/we get out of the O/our time together. I pick up on all sorts of unconscious motivations, emotional aphrodisiacs, core erotic themes and trigger switches during our chat together. W/we negotiate safe words and a consent agreement to respect boundaries. I then use all this to create an experience in the zone where our interests and desires naturally overlap. The actual activities we do together come out of this discussion and will vary from person to person. 

Showers at beginning and end

Play time

The option of 15min debrief/check in on the phone within 48 hours of our encounter. 

All this allows Me to create the proper safe container to more satisfying exploration of BDSM. 

I have found that 2-3 hours is usually the right amount of time for the human psyche to unfold into a meaningful experience. Shorter sessions tend to sacrifice authentic processes in the name of economy. Longer sessions go even deeper but are usually not needed for first timers. Only those who want to truly delve into the possibilities need enquire about longer bookings.  


Types of Scenarios & BDSM activities

I am Mistress of My art form.  The types of activities I like to indulge in include: 

Anal Play: from single finger prostate massage, to pegging and extreme fisting
Discipline and Corporal Punishment
Impact Play
Cock and ball Torture
Ball busting
Chastity training and keyholding

Nipple Torture
Slave training
Power exchange
Dominance/submissive training
Protocol training
Cross dressing
Forced sissifiction
Forced Bi training
Sissy Slut
Golden Showers
Foot Worship
Role Play
Psychological Play
Needle Play
Medical Play
Enema Play 
So much more… 



Hoping to be Granted a Session?

Jayden submits to Aunty Artemisia’s Chastity Training

Jayden submits to Aunty Artemisia’s Chastity Training

“Need I remind you that I hold the only key? The decision about whether or not I allow release today depends on whether or not I am satisfied with your behaviour improvement and general progress. If I were you, I would do my utmost to impress with graceful obedience.”

Erotica contains: femdom, chastity, D/s training, Older Woman, Aunty/nephew taboo desire, prostate milking, anal training, pink panties, CFNM and much more…

Mistress Artemisia’s Sadistic Ritual

Mistress Artemisia’s Sadistic Ritual

“Beg Me to hurt you slave,” I purred seductively.

“Please Mistress, please hurt me again. my pain is Yours Mistress.”

Outsiders will never understand the intimacy of the Sado-masochistic feedback loop. Honestly it is one of favourite sessions. When someone offers themselves up to be My play thing, I preen. I can be ever so creative in the way I play the body as an instrument… Every crevice Mine to elicit a feast of sensation from…

Mistress Began by Chaining Him to the Toilet

Mistress Began by Chaining Him to the Toilet

His tongue tip was touching the seat of the ceramic toilet bowl and his body shook with the effort of keeping it there. Just the tip mind. He was doing his best to obey only as much as he had to. It was humiliating enough to be in this position and he was quite revolted at this task.

Mistress Artemisia’s Maid is Trained and Punished

Mistress Artemisia’s Maid is Trained and Punished

Her lip quivered slightly as she held her shaking hands out in front of her, palms up.  She stood there in nothing but her knickers and squeezed her eyes shut in anticipation of the stinging cane stroke I was about to deliver. I made her wait for it.
“A maid should carry herself with decorum at all times.  You should be aware of your surroundings and how you appear to Me.  Are you are a neat and appealing addition to My room or are you a cluttered, mess disturbing my equilibrium?  I expect My maids to move with grace and stand, kneel or sit in the proper positions as outlined by My protocol training.  Fidgeting is not tolerated.”