Sydney and Melbourne-based Professional Dominatrix & Goddess of Elegant Perversion
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Artemisia de Vine

I specialise in in-depth explorations of Dominance & submission & bringing the complex twists of the kinky psyche to life.

I am the Domina you submit to when you sense there is something more possible… I am the playmate and guide for non submissive kinky explorers who wish for a safe place to discover themselves.

Here, at The deVinery, we explore all of our humanity through play.  I encourage you to express your fullness of being as you truly are: freedom through restriction… soar through submission… enter ecstasy through pain… enrich your life through sacrifice and service… danger within safe boundaries… taboo desire & emotion finding sweet release…

Types of Experiences & Play Scenes

Mapping the erotic psyche, then creating a scene based on what I uncover, is such a thrill for Me. I get to be creative in ways that allow for such satisfying responses from you. One by one, all your resistances melt away & I hold your quivering core in My hands.

The flavour of connection and play that we bring out in each other will be unique to our dynamic and take into account our combined erotic psyches and inclinations.  For some that will be cruel and others nurturing… Strict or playful… There are many possibilities within My natural spectrum of desires.

Think of the below as a guideline and starting point to get your imagination rolling. You may politely request activities and scenarios that are not explicitly mentioned.

Likewise, not all kinksters are submissive. You are welcome here too.



For lovers of Classic, dungeon-style, BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, masochism, Dominance, submission and Fetish).


Worship in utter submission. Put aside your own desires to serve Mine. Rituals of Intimate Devotion.

Cross Dressing

Gender play, Forced Feminization or a safe place to flounce about in your feminine attire. Sissification. Maid training, Forced bi training and more… 

Twisted Aunt

Perverted and taboo role plays from playful to intense. Mother, Boss, Step Sister, School Bully, Teacher and more…


Opportunities to learn the My art form. Courses, workshops, public speaking, writing and personalised training.

Anal Play Queen

Internationally known for My exceptional Anal Play skills. From gentle, sensual introductions to pegging and edging through to extreme anal fisting. 


Domestic-style spanking and corporal punishment discipline for wayward boys and girls. Occasional Switch and spankee…

Kinky Couples

For D/s couples or kinky play partners who wish to to go to the next level. 

Domestic Service

Service is a path of devotion. Opportunities to serve in The deVinery 

The deVinery

Tales of Perversion – Blog

Stories of real life scenes and ongoing journeys into Dominance and submission as well as educational tips, diary entries and insights into the erotic psyche.

Remember, it is normal not to resonate with all My styles of play or kinks. I write about a wide variety so you are bound to be put off by some and drawn in by others. 

Choosing Between Mistress and Goddess Worship Sessions

Submissives often get a little confused as to whether to apply for a Mistress session or a Goddess Worship session.  Here’s a guide to help you. The first question you need to ask yourself is, do you want to see Me to explore your own kinks or do you wish to experience putting aside all your own desires in order to submit to Mine? 
Let Me be clear, neither of these are wrong.  In both cases, I will genuinely be dominant.  The difference is where the focus goes. 

Mistress Began by Chaining Him to the Toilet

His tongue tip was touching the seat of the ceramic toilet bowl and his body shook with the effort of keeping it there. Just the tip mind. He was doing his best to obey only as much as he had to. It was humiliating enough to be in this position and he was quite revolted at this task.

Mistress Artemisia’s Maid is Trained and Punished

Her lip quivered slightly as she held her shaking hands out in front of her, palms up.  She stood there in nothing but her knickers and squeezed her eyes shut in anticipation of the stinging cane stroke I was about to deliver. I made her wait for it.
“A maid should carry herself with decorum at all times.  You should be aware of your surroundings and how you appear to Me.  Are you are a neat and appealing addition to My room or are you a cluttered, mess disturbing my equilibrium?  I expect My maids to move with grace and stand, kneel or sit in the proper positions as outlined by My protocol training.  Fidgeting is not tolerated.”

Unique Erotic Imprint Mapping

Each session with Mistress Artemisia, that is 2hrs or longer, includes:

An in-depth consultation to map your unique Erotic Imprint so She can use it to make your dance to Her tune.


Play time

The option of 15min de-brief on the phone within 48hours of session to ground and process your experience.

Mistress & Domestic Kink Session Tributes

Kinky Quickies: Very basic session only i.e. short sharp spanking, ball busting, six of the best cane strokes, walk in,-walk out golden showers etc  15mins $150 

2hrs $500 
2.5hrs $600 *Special rate to encourage this length
$350 per hour after that e.g. 3.5hours $950 

Goddess Worship Tributes

2 hours $600

Dominant Girlfriend Tributes

Occasionally I feel like sex is right to be included in a particular dynamic.  This is usually only in a role play or Dominant girlfriend style of play. You must call and talk to me if you are hoping for this so I can feel into it. 

Note: If I have seen you as a slave or traditional BDSM submissive, I will not ever grant you a full service session.  

30mins $250
1hr $450
2hrs $900
4hrs Dinner Date 2hrs dinner date & 2hrs play $1500
Overnight $2500-3000

apply for a Session


10am-10pm – Pre booking required

While you may make initial contact via email, My response will be to ask you to call. I need to speak to you briefly in person to ensure we are on the same page. Therefore if you can, save us both some time by just calling from the get go.

Successful applicants politely introduce themselves, telling Me: 

Their name
Level of experience

They then politely request: 

1. The style of session they are hoping to be granted.
For example:  

I am a masochist, hoping to be granted ball busting
Or I am a submissive sissy, hoping to be trained as a maid
Or I am not submissive, but I am hoping to be permitted to explore anal play with you…

If you are new and confused as to what is the most appropriate kind of session for you, I can help you work that out, but you need to provide a starting point by communicating the kinds of things that have you curious. 

2. Tell Me the day, time and length of session they are hoping to be granted.

Do NOT call on a blocked number. 



+(61) 0420 415 658



Chippendale, Near Sydney CBD. 
350m walk from Redfern train station
2 hour Street parking available