Riding the Rails and the Mystery Box of Horrors

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I am Mistress Artemisia de Vine,  professional dominatrix with My own private dungeon and domestic kink play space in Sydney. This piece of writing is a tale adapted from a real life scene between one of My slaves and I here in The deVinery just last week.  

As a special treat to you it not only includes a written blog but also an audio of Me reading it out to you and a short clip of slave riding the rails. 

This sordid tale of smutty goodness contains:

Adult themes of a sexually explicit, BDSM nature.

Fem Dom, sadism, masochism, physical humiliation, anal torture, bondage, CBT, forced cum eating, Cock and ball torture, predicament bondage, endurance, submission, mild nipple torture, Dominance, slave, feel box of horrors, sensory deprivation, voyeurism, real Mistress and slave, Sydney BDSM scene, Australian Pro Domme.

Audio of Mistress reading Her smutty tale... PART 1

by Artemisia de Vine

Riding the Rails PART 2

by Mistress Artemisia de Vine

I made My slave ride the rails but with a twist. It amused Me to see just how far he would go for Me. After all, I do know how he likes to prove himself to Me through suffering. He is also very competitive so setting him up to strive to win a game he is doomed to loose, is always entertaining.  In the end, he would be willing to do anything… anything at all, to get out of the cruel predicament I placed him in.

I pointed to the wooden plank suspended by heavy chains in My bondage frame. slave eyed it nervously. 

“There is a long tradition of punishing scoundrels by carrying them out of town, straddling the sharp edge of a rail road plank. Strong men would shoulder the railing for a bumpy, humiliating trip through the centre of town before taking him to the outskirts and casting him out.  The scoundrel’s hands were tied to make supporting himself difficult. No doubt he was bounced along on his delicates… jolted too and fro for the length of the trip. Every rocking motion a new torture to his cock and balls…” 

I watched slave’s reaction for a moment before sweetly lulling him into false relief.  “I am being kind to you slave. I am not making you sit on your cock and balls like I sometimes do.” 

he looked at Me confused and suspicious.  he has submitted to Me long enough now to know there is always a catch… I made him wait to find out what.

Turning to My guest, Miss Lisa, who sat snugly in My red velvet armchair, ready to watch the show, I asked her if she needed another cup of tea.  

“No I am still going with this one thank you,” she smiled, “but do you mind if I practice my life drawing while watching your slave?”

“No not at all. Please amuse yourself in anyway you like.”

She was a vanilla voyeur who was shocked, amused and curious at what I was doing to My victim.  slave felt extra humiliated to be witnessed in his ordeal while we ladies were entertained and comfortable.

“Pop up on the rail for Me slave, “ I said with casual confidence and deceptive kindness.

Of course he struggled to get up there and then sneakily attempted to sit lopsided so the fleshy part of his buttock was resting on the sharp edge of the rail in an attempt to cushion his crack and hole. I noticed but let him think he got away with it for a while… at least until the rope bondage harness had him snuggly in place, effectively suspending him from the beam above so he could not fall… or escape…with his full weight still resting on the pointy beam of wood under his tender parts.

Once he was securely fastened, I walked up close behind him, My breath on his neck…  and placed My hands on his hips. With forceful glee I centred his gait in a sudden movement. He yelped as his buttocks spread and the sharpness of his new seat nestled neatly between them. 

“How does that feel?” I asked. 

“Not too bad yet Mistress.”  he squeaked through gritted teeth.

I laughed. “Yet”, I agreed. I patted his cheek affectionately, even as I prepared to make his life miserable.  I knew the weight would begin to take its toll before long. Even though he was securely held in place so he couldn’t fall, he was tied in such as way as to feel quite off balance.  This meant he wriggled and moved in order to try and centre himself but could never quite get it right.  Never comfortable. Never able to drop into a relaxed state. Always aggravating his sensitive arsehole and perenium.

He avoided direct eye contact but he was very aware that an attractive blonde woman was observing him keenly from the comfort of her chair as I went about My business stringing him up.

“True to My word, I did not make the full weight of you rest on your cock and balls. Instead I have other plans for them. I have been taking some inspiration from American festivities.”

“That sounds dangerous!” said slave, intrigued but clearly very nervous. 

I continued, “I have a challenge for you. In order to be let down from the riding the rail, you will need to guess what is in this cylinder.” I held up a metal container about the size of a drink bottle.  “That doesn’t sound too bad does it?” I mocked with gentle amusement.

“Yeeees, but I know You Mistress, there will be some evil plot twist.”

“Why whatever do you mean slave?” I laughed throatily.

He just squirmed, dangling legs swinging slightly in a vain attempt to adjust his weight distribution.  I watched for a while, as did our fascinated voyeur.  He seemed to realise that moving only hurt him more so began to keep as still as possible. 

“Are you distracted slave? I was talking to you. Full attention here thank you.” I clapped My hands sharply.

“Yes Mistress!” he said bracing himself.  he does try so hard to get through all My hurdles. It is just that I rig the game so he can never win…

“you are expected to guess what is in this cylinder.” I repeated. “Think of it like those feel boxes Americans have at Halloween parties.  People put their hands into a hole in a box to feel creepy things and try to guess what they are… things that feel like brains… or eyeballs… That sounds like fun doesn’t it?”

“Er yes Mistress” he answered, clearly unsure.

“The catch is, instead of using your hand, you will use your cock. You will put your penis in a hole containing mysterious substances… and you cannot stop thrusting until you guess what is inside.  See, there was a reason I didn’t make you sit on your cock and balls… I have other uses for them…” 

My guest and I both laughed at the look of confused horror on slave’s face.

“There is another rule, slave,” I crooned sweetly, “I have made this cylinder into a lovely homemade fleshlight. The contents may feel very pleasant, or not pleasant at all… you are required to keep fucking the hole, and the mysterious contents, but you may not cum.  If you do, you will be required to eat the entire contents of the cylinder, spoof and all.” 

slave groaned.  We laughed again. This was going to be an entertaining afternoon tea for My lady friend and I.

“Of course, if you don’t remain erect, you won’t be successful in fucking the cylinder… become too excited and a lovely warm and sloppy dinner for you…”

his face crinkled in disgust.

I slipped a finger under his chin and lifted his gaze to Mine and smiled innocently. “Shouldn’t you be thanking Me for making you such a lovely present slave?”

he squirmed under the intimacy of close body proximity and direct eye contact. “Thank you Mistress.” he said both eager to please and genuinely afraid of what was about to happen.

“Good boy.” I said then slipped a blindfold on him to heighten his senses and add to the creepy feeling of unknown.

I reached down and stroked his hard cock a little, noting that he does actually like to be afraid and challenged to endure for Me.  Some people like romantic movies, and others like action or horror…

I grasped his erection and slowly slipped it into the mysterious hole, giving him a chance to adjust to the sensations.  He flinched a little but then relaxed warily. I taped the “fleshlight” to the railing to hold it in place and stood back to watch his response.

“Now fuck it slave.  Get some good thrusting happening!” 

he began rocking back and forth, trying to thrust his cock into the the hole.  Penises are not actually that good at feeling textures and it was quite tricky for him to make out what was happening. I knew he would need to really get a good rhythm of thrusting happening for him to get clues as to what he was fucking.  This of course was delightfully evil because the more he thrust, the more the sharp edge of the rail rubbed between his buttocks.

he looked quite ridiculous dangling in the air, trying to keep his balance, while fucking a cylindrical “feel box”.  his face showed confusion… struggle with warring desires… wanting to keep still but knowing he couldn’t get down until he correctly guessed the contents. 


“Come on slave, you can do better than that! Get some hip action into this! Is that how you fuck?  Are you a starfish?  What is that?  What would you give his thrusting style out of ten dear Miss Lisa?” I asked My friend. 

“Hmmm… let me see, yes you are right, he is thrusting with his whole torso. he needs to roll and grind his hips more. I’d give him a 5 out of ten at the moment.”

“Did you hear that slave? Miss Lisa thinks you could do better and that you need griiiind more… Let Us see you griiiiinnnnnd,” I grinned.  

he grunted as he put more effort into his thrusting and sweat began to bead all over his body.

“That’s right slave, don’t lag now… what is it you feel? Guess for Me.  What texture is it?”

At first he couldn’t say anything.  his concentration was overloaded and his mind blank with confusion and the effort to juggle too many goals, not to mention multiple sensations. I continued to egg him on.

“How is that rail feeling now slave?  Still not too bad?” I smirked.

“I am very aware of it now thank you Mistress” he managed to grunt.

“How keen are you to be let down?”

“Extremely keen Mistress!” 

“Well then, I can’t hear you guessing.  You’ve got to guess the contents. Say anything… think about what you are feeling.  Is it hard or soft? Does it give? Is it one whole or made up of lots of small things? What can you detect about it?”

“It’s smooth and warm Mistress and oh Mistress it buuurns!”  

“I thought it might begin to burn soon,” I laughed, while Miss Lisa made garbled noises of concern and amusement.

“What does the burning remind you of slave?”

“Chili Mistress!”

“Very good! Yes indeed there is chilli in there.”  slave sighed thinking he had the answer and stopped thrusting.

 “It was kind of Me to put some nice lubricant in there for you wasn’t it?  What better lube than chilli oil, to keep your cock nice slippery and warm.  Say thank you slave.”

“Thank you Mistress. That was very thoughtful of You.”

“you are welcome. However the chilli oil is only the sauce.  What is the sauce on? Don’t stop now! Keep thrusting!”

slave visibly slumped and groaned at this news.  I pinched his nipple hard and slapped his arse sharply.  “Fuck the mystery chilli slave and be grateful for the privilege of entertaining Me and Miss Lisa with your suffering.” 

he began earnestly thrusting again.

“Tell Us what you feel.”  

“Besides my cock getting hotter and hotter… it’s smooth and warm and it would feel really good if it weren’t for the chilli oil and the rail Mistress.”

“What a confusing set of sensations that must be!” I laughed! 

“Is it custard Mistress?” 

“Oh my, your cock must be numb from the chilli, because that is not the right texture at all.  It is smooth but far more solid than custard.  Try again.  Try thrusting deeper and see what it feels like.” 

Sweat was running freely down his body as he struggled to comply. 

“Cream? Is it cream Mistress?”

I just laughed and walked over to Miss Lisa. “he is not trying very hard is he?  he must want to stay up there all day, swinging away. How is your drawing going?”

“Artemisia, I am both amused and a bit concerned, but mostly this whole afternoon is very enlightening!” said Miss Lisa.  Then she held up her sketch pad for Me to see.

“Oh very good! You really captured his grimace well! You even got the sweat and straining muscles beautifully!”

“Thank you,” she smile modestly.

“Spaghetti?” is it spaghetti Mistress?  how about baked beans?  It is jelly Mistress?”

“Jelly is getting warmer slave but not quite right.  I will merciful and tell you that it is something I had to go to the Asian supermarket especially to purchase.”

“What? How am I going to guess that?” said slave a little desperately. 

“Well there is another way you can be let down from the rail slave… It is the option where you eat the whole barrel full of mystery contents.  Chilli flavoured cum anyone?” 

“Nooooo!… I mean no thank you Mistress.  I will keep guessing.”

Miss Lisa and I both peeled with laughter again.

“Then keep thrusting slave. you know the rules.” 

I sat down for a nice break and poured both Lisa and Myself another cup of tea.  We bantered and  laughed as slave became increasingly more and more uncomfortable and desperate to be untied.

Eventually I sauntered back over to him and ran my finger down his spine, then firmly grasped his buttocks and “helped” him thrust with more enthusiasm.

“Mistress, please don’t! I will cum if you do that Mistress!” 

I ignored him and kept going.  “Well I am getting bored of your bad guesses.  you are not even close at all.”

He began to struggle.

“Don’t you want to get down slave?”

“Yes Mistress he spluttered. So badly! I feel like I am going to split in two!”

“Well then all you have to do is guess… or eat a lovely mystery meal… it can’t be that bad can it?”

The look on slave’s face said it all.  A beautiful predicament that he just couldn’t choose between. He was so close to climax and in so much pain his mind was overloading and he struggled to even talk.

“Let Me help you slave,” I said cooing in his ear again. “you seem to be drying out… let Me add a little more lube for you”.  I poured more chilli oil into the cylinder and watched as it took a few seconds for him for the heat to take effect.

“Aaaaargh! Oh Mistress! Oh that’s unfair!”  His face and cheat flushed red in reaction to the potent oil. I could only imagine what his cock felt like right now.

“Who said anything about fair slave?  That’s an amusing notion… Come on now, give Miss Lisa something interesting to draw. I want to see you thrust that sensitive cock of your deep into that lovely home made mystery pussy I made especially for you. Show Me your appreciation!”

He just sweated and grunted, unable to be coherent but I knew he could hear Me and the thoughts of how debased he was in front of Us ladies, filled his mind, bringing him closer and closer to losing control.

“Tell Miss Lisa just how grateful you are that I gave you extra lube slave.  In fact why don’t you beg for more?  I’m sure she’d love to hear just how far you’d go for Me.”

“Tell Miss Lisa how much of a privilege it is to suffer for Me and that you will obey Me no matter I tell you to do,” I repeated. “I know you will eat every last drop of the contents of that cum soaked mystery box if you dare orgasm. I know it both revolts and turns you on while you are aroused but that after you have cum, it just revolts you… I am sure Miss Lisa would love to see just how dirty you are slave…”

As he got closer to the point of no return, I placed My hands on his shoulders and pushed him down harder on the plank.  Pain warring with pleasure… trying desperately not to fail Me… desperate not to ejaculate… desperate to get down… aroused and humiliated that Miss Lisa was witnessing his torture… and complete lack of dignity… and that she was just about to see proof of how badly it turned him on…

“I love it when you hurt for Me slave… ”

He began groaning like one about to cum.  I pushed him down harder against the sharp edge. 

“Tell Me! Tell Me how far you’ll go for Me slave!”

Unable to contain it any more, he burst out, “Please no Mistress, I can’t stop! Mistress I… You know I would do anything for You Mistress… Please stop, I can’t help it I am going to…” and came everywhere. 

I laughed and laughed and laughed as I forced his mouth open to receive sloppy mouthful after mouthful of chilli… and cum covered tapioca pearls. You know the squishy, little balls in Pearl Milk tea? he was never going to guess what was in the container. It was always going to end this way, no matter how he strived. Mistress always wins.


Mistress i can’t thank you enough. i have spent thirteen years looking for the right Mistress for Me and you just get it. No one else has. You have such a unique approach to working out what my buttons are. And Mistress, I felt so happy all week. I mean, on Monday, I just felt tired, but the next day I just felt so happy and it has kept going aallll week.  I am full of energy. I can’t thank you enough.  

slave m


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