“Beg Me to hurt you slave,” I purred seductively.

“Please Mistress, please hurt me again. my pain is Yours Mistress.”

Outsiders will never understand the intimacy of the Sado-masochistic feedback loop. Honestly it is one of favourite sessions.  When someone offers themselves up to be My play thing, I preen.  I can be ever so creative in the way I play the body as an instrument… Every crevice Mine to elicit a feast of sensation from…

I like to teach my masochists a little ritual to enhance the experience. 

“Breathe the pain through your body slave. Every time you breathe in, take My essence into your very cells…you breathe the gift of pain through every fibre of your being and at the same time, breathe Me in until I possess you.

I wait while he uses the sucking technique I taught him, to inhale. 

“Every breath out is to be a gift of gratitude back to Me,” I instruct.  Breathe out complete worship. Be grateful that I am hurting you. I want to feed off your sacrifice… I want every cell of you offered up to Me in every single breath…  After all, it is nice of Me to give you My attention and use you for My entertainment isn’t it?  I will allow you to hold nothing back. I will continue hurting you until you get it right.”



Both fearful and excited, he fights his intuitive responses to breath all the way out before allowing himself the deliciousness of new air. 

I eye the wall of implements hanging neatly within reach but decide to begin with the closeness of direct touch. I straddle his chest and grasp his nipples.  He is completely bound. He cannot escape. I lock eyes with him and begin to squeeze… digging My nails into his sensitive nibs.  Slowly, slowly increasing the intensity… Crooning twisted encouragement…

“That’s it, good boy, breathe My gift of pain deep into your core.  Hurt for Me boy. I want to feel you crumble in My hands.”

Staring straight back into My eyes I watch them lose focus as his nipples begin to command his full attention. He sucks his breath in the way I have trained him to. Intentional breathing is both an act of offering self and a technique to ride the pain into a deeper, ecstatic subspace…

I, patiently, cruelly, repeatedly inflict pain until he learns to get the technique correct… I insist he gets it right.  I want My prize. I want this pain to transport U/us both… A shared erotic altered state of being… One of many that falls under the umbrella category of “subspace”.


After the last wave of pain, I stroke his chest and face lovingly and lean in close to his ear.

“Good boy. I love it when you hurt for Me. you want to make Me happy don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress”

One hand slips down to his cock and gently massages it pleasurably for a moment, before slipping down further and grasping his balls firmly. I just pause and let him feel the anticipation of the next wave of pain.

“I want aaaallll of you boy,” I croon almost kindly, “I won’t stop until l have the core of you cracked open… quivering in My hands… you want to give Me what I want don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress. I am Yours Mistress.”

I began sinking My claws into his testicles, all the while whispering about the implements I might choose to use next… 

His head lolled as his glazed eyes rolled and fluttered. His face glowed ecstatically even as it contorted in pain… his flesh given freely to Me, his Mistress… his Goddess… A living sacrifice on My altar…

Do you yearn to submit to My whims?

If this sounds like an experience you are intrigued by, you may apply  below… Ensure you have read My contact protocol before approaching Me.

I am currently accepting sessions in Melbourne, but tour to Sydney and Canberra, Australia.