Erotica written by Melbourne-based real life Professional Dominatrix, Mistress Artemisia de Vine: All rights reserved and content copyright. 

Please not that this piece is fiction and taps into taboo desires. However, all actual professional sessions are strictly between consenting adults who are not related. 

Contains: fem domme, clothed female, naked male, domestic kink, chastity, key holding, aunt/nephew taboo, older woman, younger man, female superiority, mild erotic humiliation, cross dressing, anal play, prostate milking, hints of incest and age play, taboo desires. 

Jayden shifted uncomfortably, trying to adjust the chastity cage hidden under his trousers without drawing attention to his crotch.


“Why don’t you come in the pool with us?” asked Tara, swimming over to the edge were he sat, fully dressed and sweating, on a poolside lounge. Her young, firm body was hypnotic under the sun dappled surface. Somehow her curves were even more enticing in that bright tropical bikini than if she had been naked. The act of almost covering drew more attention to breasts and plump buttocks… not to mention the impossibly tiny piece of fabric between her legs… he felt his body respond and blushed painfully. It had been nearly 6 days since Aunt Artemisia had allowed him release and he was really struggling.


“Yes come in the pool Jayden! Come play!” called out the twins Akemi and Mio, bouncing and spraying water in his direction.


He felt his cock push helplessly against its prison and tried desperately to keep his expression neutral.


“Oh look he’s embarrassed!” laughed Tara.


Jayden’s throat closed over and as his mind scrambled for a response. “I… ah…” 


Tara snorted mockingly, and dove backwards into a sumersault, affording him a close up view of her gorgeous perky breasts, silky abdomen and wet lycra bikini bottoms that moulded to her labia.  For a split second he was overwhelmed with unbidden images of thrusting and penetrating…


Tara had been trying to get his attention all summer and she truly was stunning! His body certainly responded to hers but… well, she just didn’t have the hold over him that Aunty did. There is something about a confident older woman, ripe in her power that just captivated him.


“I… I have to go. Aunt Artemisia needs me to do some chores.” he stammered as he hurried up out of the chair.


“Again?” pouted Tara. “You go there nearly every day after school! Why does she need you so often?”


Jayden didn’t trust himself to respond so pretended not to hear as he rushed through the side gate. He shut it behind him and set off down the street, concentrating on a normal gait. This took effort. The struggle between hardening flesh and the metal bulk between his legs was in full battle. 


Somehow, being helpless to obtain an erection, and even the misery of his desperation for release, felt right. It was like a homing beacon, sending him to where he belonged.  Kneeling and obedient before auntie.


He turned the corner that would take him down past the primly manicured gardens of Likely St, to number 44, where he knew she was waiting for him…  the key hanging on a long chain around her neck, nestled between her heavy breasts.




He clicked the door shut behind him then walked straight downstairs to her art studio. He paused to watch her for a moment. Her legs parted around her easel with complete lack of self consciousness. It was a comfortable and practical position so why shouldn’t she spread her plump thighs for love of her art? Her long blonde curls and delicate dangling earrings flowed over her vintage satin painting smock. Her brush moved across the canvas with graceful precision. She was in the creative flow…


She didn’t look up. “Stand in the corner until I am ready for you. Nose touching the wall, hands behind your back, feet a foot apart.”


“Yes Ma’am” answered Jayden in what he hoped sounded like meek manners, and headed over to the corner just in the periphery of aunt’s vision. 


Somehow her confident orders, and even her dismissal of him, made him feel calm. He was not uneasy like he was with girls his own age. He didn’t have to think. Just obey. Aunt could be demanding and sometimes cruel but she took care of him. Only she knew what he really needed.


This didn’t mean he didn’t get nervous in her presence. He had very good reason to be nervous! Her mind was… creative in the ways she trained him to be the young man she wanted him to be and she had definite ideas about that. Still, it was a different kind of nervous. It was one that trusted she had the helm.


He nuzzled his nose right into the corner and took the position she had instructed. Even two weeks ago, he would have resisted but now he compliantly obeyed.


“Not like that Jayden, said auntie, not even looking up from her work. “Strip first. Fold your clothes and put them into the cupboard. Phone too. Keys, shoes, the lot… lock the door and bring me the key, then stand in the corner and wait.”


This was new. He felt alarmed at the thought of being completely naked with his chastity cage exposed. What if his mother or sister came over unexpectedly for a visit?


Aunty just continued to paint, completely confident that her orders were how things would be.


“I assume you have come to me because the urges are building quite significantly this time, is that right my nephew? This is the longest you’ve been denied release so far… You must be quite distracted and eager for permission to empty your balls, are you not?”


“Yes ma’am” he replied, gravelly need betraying his voice.


At this point she looked up and turned towards him. She held his eyes with her own and stroked her cleavage.


“Need I remind you that I hold the only key? The decision about whether or not I allow release today depends on whether or not I am satisfied with your behaviour improvement and general progress. If I were you, I would do my utmost to impress with graceful obedience.”


He stood there, for a moment longer, hesitating. Fear of being caught warring with his desire to please aunty and get release from his aching blue balls.


“Hmmm…  I guess you are not really that interested then. Oh well, off you go. Come back when you are genuinely desperate to make a sticky mess in your pants.”


She dismissed him with her hand and turned back to her painting.


Jayden thought of another sleepless night, wrestling with his shackled urges and felt the throbbing answer between his legs.


“I will do as you say Aunt, he said, but somehow still just stood there, frozen.


Aunt Artemisia sighed and put down her brush. Wiping her hands clean of paint, she stood up and walked across to her nephew. She placed her forefinger under his chin and tilted his face up so he couldn’t avoid the intensity of her eyes.


“It seems I am going to have to help you. Each second you hesitate will be another day you will remain in that chastity cage,” she cooed softly, amused but almost kind. “ 1, 2…”


This shook him into action and he fumbled trying to kick his shoes off and bent down to yank at his socks. He then fumbled, all thumbs, trying to undo his belt.


Again, aunty sighed. Now, now… am I going to have to undress you like you are a child again? It is not as though I haven’t seen you naked before… it was me who locked you into that device after all…”


Jayden remembered how she had caught him rummaging through her knickers in the laundry, with a raging erection.  He had wanted to disappear in shame but aunt Artemisia had simply eyed him thoughtfully.  She had stood there at the door for the longest time, face unreadable, watching him struggle, panties in hand, still fully aroused  and squirming under her gaze. 


Eventually she had spoken. “Do you often have dirty thoughts and desires young man?”


Although at first, he had denied it, his body betrayed him.  Aunt did not give him any privacy to recover his dignity. She questioned him thoroughly about how many times a day he became hard… about what he was thinking about or doing when it happened… about how often those thoughts were inappropriate… a distraction to what he should be doing…


The answer to each question sent his mind unbidden to things that aroused him… the girl at school bending over to pick up a dropped text book… the glimpse of the older neighbour getting change through a crack in the curtains… Aunty was impassive but relentless in her probing… each memory brought back fresh arousal and his cock throbbed humiliatingly in front of her.


At first he only confessed being turned on by the more socially acceptable kinds of things, but Aunt had a way of ferreting out the truth. Eventually the cocktail of arousal and confusion had him confessing all sorts of forbidden thoughts.


Like the way his body responded when his aunt grabbed the gear stick when driving… How he had thought of how close to her private parts those knickers had been and how he had held them to his nose to deeply inhale her feminine scent… how he had tentatively tasted them with his tongue… his own aunt’s soiled lingerie…


He expected her to be horrified and punish him but aunt responded in an unexpected way… She said she understood that it was in the nature of men to be controlled by their cocks. She had comfortingly convinced him that what he needed was her special attention if he ever hoped to learn how to stop being controlled by distracting urges. He would never amount to anything, if let his “little brain” control his decisions. He would never learn to succeed in school, in business or more importantly, learn to stop being selfish and focus on the feelings and needs of women, if he did not tame his beast.


Aunty had then insisted, “I know that it is your biology that makes you misbehave.  We really need to empty you completely and then put you in a cage. You clearly don’t have enough self discipline to manage this on your own so I will help you.” 


She had waited outside the bathroom door while he “emptied” his seed into the toilet bowl. She had then stroked his temple comfortingly as she attached the chastity device on his genitals in a matter-of-fact manner and slipped the key onto her necklace.


He remembered the fear, strangely followed by the relief of having the choice taken away from him. 


“Any time you hope to be allowed to ejaculate, I will supervise this process. I won’t have you messing around with young women without my approval. Your penis can’t be trusted to make sensible decisions so I will make them for you.”


“If you need release,” she continued, “you will come here and serve me.  Help me with whatever I think appropriate. When you demonstrate your control over your urges and your ability to put aside your own desires to serve mine, I will let you have some release when I deem it appropriate and earned.” 


The first time he caved in within a day. He was back, begging to be allowed to release.  She had made him weed the entire garden first, then when she had inspected his efforts and noted how much more eager he was to do a good job while in chastity, she then allowed him to release in the toilet again while she stood outside the bathroom door. She placed him straight back into chastity as soon as he was done. Her deft fingers grasping his balls to slip them through the ring and poking his flaccid cock into cool metal casing, the click of the lock resounding in the echoey bathroom.


The very next afternoon he was back…. Aunt had decided that he wasn’t taking this seriously enough and sent him away without release. That night had been unbearable! His cock strained so hard against the the cage it was torture.  He couldn’t think of anything but his overwhelming horniness and his frustration at not being able to do anything about it.


When he arrived back at aunt Artemisia’s house after school the next day, despite his desperately throbbing cock, he found he was able to place his undivided attention on the tasks she set him.  His desperate need became a reminder to keep his mind focused on doing an excellent job.  The more urgent he became to get release, the more importance he placed on impressing his aunt. He began to appreciate the wisdom of female led chastity. 


That day he had cleaned out her shed completely. A task that he normally would have avoided and only done the bare minimum he could get away with. This time he tried his best to bring order to all her storage items and clean all the surfaces till they shined.


When he had finished, he presented himself to aunty.  She ran a glove over his efforts and nodded in satisfaction.  In his attempt to flatter her and get the release that was forefront on his mind, he babbled about how wise she was to put him in chastity and how he had learned his lesson. She didn’t need to do it anymore, he was all wise and responsible now… 



“Really?” She turned to him and eyed him with suppressed amusement. “Kneel.”


“Pardon?” choked Jayden, with this unexpected twist.


“I said kneel.”


He just stood there, mind blank. He just couldn’t quite compute what was happening. She crossed her arms and waited.


“You want me to kneel? Here in the shed?”


“Yes. Kneel.”


Feeling very foolish, he realised that he would indeed have to do as she said.  He knelt down with a silly grin, making light of his submission to her in a vain attempt to ease the embarrassment of it.  She remained perfectly serious. Eventually his silliness petered out and he was left on his knees before his middle aged aunty, waiting for her to speak. He felt such confusion! His constant arousal mingling with embarrassment… and what was that? He found he was even more aroused when forced to be on his knees in front of her.


She just patiently and silently waited for his resistance to crumble.  Then when she sensed him enter quiet acceptance of this new dynamic, she asked, “So have done a thorough job of cleaning this shed?”


“Yes aunty.”


“You are quite confident of that are you? Remember that the possibility of release relies on the truth of this.”


He paused only a moment, “Yes I am confident. I put in an excellent effort this afternoon aunty, thanks to your training.”


“Good. Then you won’t mind licking the floor.”


“Pardon?” he choked. 


“Well, if you have done as thorough as job as you say you have done, you won’t mind licking the floor, it will be perfectly clean after all…”


His cheeks burned crimson. How had he ended up in this position? Kneeling before his elegantly curvy aunty on his knees, being forced to choose to lick the floor or wear the cage another night before being granted release. 


“I guess you aren’t as confident in your cleaning after all… Perhaps we should give it another round before we uncage you?  I will give you a choice.  You can lick the floor, anywhere I should point, and then I will allow you some cage free time in the bathroom.  Or, you can re-think how well you have actually cleaned and have another hour to get it up to scratch.  Keep in mind, that I will come back after that hour and command you to lick anywhere or anything in this room. That means that *everything* will have to be clean enough to lick… every nook… every item… every crevice…”


Jayden thought about all the garden tools and drills and thought of how enormous the effort would be to clean every tin and nail to hygienic standards.  It seemed an impossible task.  He had better hope that the licking the shed floor wasn’t as bad as it sounded. But had he really done a thorough job? He now began to doubt himself.


“What will it be Jayden?” his aunt asked. When she crossed her arms like that, it pushed her large breasts up so enticingly! Oh god! He was having inappropriate thoughts about this own aunt again! He simply had to get some release before he went mad with desire.


He found himself bending down to the floor, partly so that he wouldn’t have to meet her eyes while these thoughts flooded though him. Now that his lips were only inches from the wooden boards he saw that while he had swept and given it a quick mop, he could have done a better job. His face crinkled in resistance.


“Just how horny are you Jayden?” asked Aunty.  Are those thoughts of yours increasing in frequency again?  Thoughts of licking perhaps?”


Immediately, pornographic image after image rolled through his mind.  He groaned with the urge and his lips parted.


“Show me. Lick the floor with the enthusiasm in which your dirty desires are racing through you.”


He couldn’t think straight. Her voice was seductive authority and he could bare it no longer.  He needed to cum.


“Show me how badly you need release, “ she repeated.


He succumbed. God help him but he did. He licked the floor in a brazen act of bare lust. All his pent up need channelled into the act.  He ran that tongue over the floor like it was Tara’s hard nipples beneath that bikini… like it was the twin’s juicy pussies… like it was… god help him… his aunt’s used knickers…


She just stood there above him, silently observing his outburst of primal lust. A hint of satisfaction and amusement as he lost all of his dignity. 


The flesh of his cock was now pushing through the hard metal cage in a futile attempt to become erect. The ache in his balls became the sun in his solar system. He licked and slurped like a filthy animal.


“And this, my dear nephew, is exactly why you can’t be trusted to make your own choices. This is what becomes of you when your hormones take the driver’s seat. No better than an animal.”


He vaguely heard her voice through the haze of urgent desire but he was consumed. He even began suruptiously wriggling around, rubbing his crotch against the floor but the cage prevented any direct stimulation.


It took him a few failed attempts at trying desperately to cum through his cage, before he realised there was no choice but to obey her completely. This realisation was deep in his flesh… it settled in his bones and changed him. It re-centred the sun in his solar system. His focus shifted from his genitals, to his aunt… She became the goddess herself with the power to bless and the power to curse… All his fondness for his sexual urges was transferred onto aunt Artemisia…


She noticed the shift. She had been waiting for it…


“Good boy.” She smiled and patted his head. “We are getting somewhere…”


That day, she allowed him a little reward for progress.  She stood outside the bathroom door as he fapped over the toilet bowl.  He was keenly aware that she was listening to his heavy breathing and the wet thup, thup, thup of his hand stroking his hard cock. Honestly, he was so worked up, that he could hardly last twenty strokes before he exploded loudly.


His mind cleared almost immediately and regained his sense. What had he been doing?


He cleaned himself up before sheepishly emerging to face his waiting aunty. No longer possessed by testosterone, he felt completely embarrassed by his earlier behaviour.


She didn’t let him slink away.  She stood close and tilted his chin to enforce eye contact.


“Well now, that was disappointingly short. Was it really worth all that desperation?  A few seconds of pleasure is enough to turn you into a beast who will do anything?”


Now that it was done, he had to agree. He had been caught up in a sort of madness that seemed bizarre in his post orgasmic state. Why had he done those things?


“It is true that you males are victims of your biology. That is why us cool-headed, warm-hearted females need to be the ones making decisions. Your role is to serve us. You will be so much happier with aunty taking care of you.”


Jayden nodded. She was right. He did feel better with her in control. In fact, it felt unsafe to be uncaged. He found himself surprised that he actually wanted to be back inside the comforting constraints of the device.


She seemed to read his mind… “Now drop your trousers and I will put you safely back into chastity…”





Each time Jayden visited his aunt, her training progressed. He found himself yearning to be in her presence. He was peaceful and cared for when she held his key. She saw his primal desires and accepted them but wisely knew that they needed to be tamed. Her philosophy was that his desires were natural and not to be stamped out, but instead to be channelled into a tool to be used. She would use his urges to direct him into obedience to her leadership.


His submission to her methods progressed at just the right pace for him to handle. He became used to serving aunty in any way she chose.  It was a relief to have her own his cock and his orgasms. He found that he could indeed have a rich sexual life under her control, but it was not at all like the rutting urges he would have let the him over had she not held his key. Now his arousal was a constant hum through every ordinary task of every day… directing him to be of use to her. He now willingly knelt without question before her caring superiority.


Eventually he found himself in his chastity device for six days straight. This is when Aunty chose to take Jayden’s training to the next level. “I said do you need my help undoing that belt or can you manage it yourself?”  She didn’t wait for an answer. She reached out and grasped his belt, pulling him towards her. She shouldn’t be the one inconvenienced by moving towards him…


Her face was unreadable as she undid his buckle. The warm scent of her was intoxicating. Being so close after his longest stint in a chastity cage yet, had him in a kind of erotic trance.


She pulled his trousers and underwear down unceremoniously and stood back to gaze at him.  After moment of contemplation she moved forward and fingered the band of his underwear…


“Alpha brand.  Really? You chose alpha brand underwear to be in my presence? Do you consider yourself an alpha do you Jayden?”


Too late, Jayden realised his mistake.


“Oh no, they are just the most comfortable pair I own. I didn’t mean it Aunty!”


Aunt Artemisia just raise her eyebrow.


“Take them off. No man will wear alpha underwear in my presence. This is a female led household and you should know better.”


He pulled them off as fast as he could.


“Hand them to me.”


He did.


“Place all your belongings in that cupboard and bring me the key,” said Aunt Artemisia repeating her earlier instruction.


This time, all hesitation was gone. He recognised that tone. He knew he had displeased her. There were always consequences to displeasing her.


He returned and handed her the key. She unhooked her necklace and added it along side the key for the chastity device and let it slide between her impressive breasts.


She walked over to her painting desk and picked up a pair of scissors. She held up the offending alpha brand underwear in front of her nephew’s eyes and brought the scissor blades up underneath and cut straight into the crotch area. He couldn’t help but cringe.


“Those are brand new! They are my best pair!” he stammered.


Aunty’s eyes flashed in momentary irritation and then, even worse, a wide smile crept across her features.


“I think I can solve that problem for you Jayden.”
She hacked away at the rest of his underwear, freeing the elastic waist band from the cotton. 

The boy is spitting the dummy about losing his favourite pair of underwear and completely missing the point of how offensive it is for a male to presume “alpha” status in a female led household. Somehow I suspect there will be no release for you today nephew…”

Jayden gulped.

Aunty opened a draw and rummaged around for a moment. “Ah here it is! I think this is actually from when you and your sister were little!” She looked pleased as she produced a pink dummy.

“Let’s teach you now to spit the dummy again shall we?”

He opened his mouth to protest and she popped it straight in. She then wrapped the elastic band, with the branding “alpha” still on them, around his head and across the dummy in his mouth in a sort of gag, holding it in place.

“Now that is much better!” She stood back triumphant and admired her handy work.

Jayden stood naked before his aunty, cock locked in a cage, dummy in his mouth held in place with his own offending underwear. He was humiliated and miserable… and yet, he liked it. He felt his cock responding. No one understood what he needed more than aunty did.

“You were worried that I ruined your best pair of underwear. Fair enough… I shall replace them for you.”  She went to her draw again. This time she produced a pair of bright pink, satin and lace panties.

“From now on, you will wear these kinds of underwear.”

Jayden recognised them straight away. They were the same pair that he had been caught sniffing when this whole chapter of his life had begun. He blushed shades of watermelon.

“Put them on dear,” purred Aunty, “After all you were concerned you’d be caught naked if visitors happened to come over weren’t you?”

He hadn’t said that out loud but somehow she had an uncanny knack of knowing what was going on in his mind. She knew his fears, his desires… and all that motivated him. There was no point in hiding anything from her.

Reluctantly, he slipped the knickers on, sliding the satin over his skin. Ooooh they felt wonderful against his ignited senses! She watched him with a curl on her lips as he wrestles with the inner conflict, both resenting and desiring to be emasculated. Set free by being brought to his knees.

“You disturbed my painting flow earlier Jayden so now you will serve me by making up for it.”

Mouth full of dummy, he simply nodded, expecting to be set to a cleaning task as usual.

“Today you will serve me tea and cakes and hold my paint brushes for me while I paint.”

That didn’t sound too bad.

“Pop up to the kitchen for me and make me a pot of vanilla roobios tea and bring me the honey cakes on the bench.  Place it all beautifully on the silver tray and come down here to serve me.”

“Yef Auny” came the muffled reply.

“You had better hope the curtains are closed properly or perhaps a neighbor will peak in through the cracks like you used to do to Mrs Yu.”  Aunty smiled, shrugged slightly and returned her attention to her painting. It was a gorgeous image of a siren luring a sailor to his (ego) death…. She turned the music up a little and ignored him, simply expecting to be obeyed.

Jayden’s senses were fully alert. He would never live this down if this got out! Yet he dare not disobey. In fact he didn’t want to disobey. He couldn’t remember ever feeling so excited  and alive in his life!

He crept up the stairs and stood at the door way, heart thumping. The curtains were open! In order to get to the kitchen he would have to pass them. Then there were more windows in the kitchen. He could hear the neighbours unpacking groceries in the driveway.

The fear of being caught turned him on even more. There is a fine line between fear and excitement… Six days of being in that cage had made him hyper sensitive to the slightest erotic provocation.

That’s how he came to find himself crawling across the floor below window sill height, wearing as chastity cage under pink frilly panties and a dummy gagged in his mouth with the band of his own underwear at his aunty’s house.

The thought of how ridiculous he must look both embarrassed and amused him. However, he did want to earn his release pretty badly by now so he paid careful attention to preparing Artemisia’s afternoon tea tray.

It proved quite difficult staying below window sill height when carrying the tray back. It was hard to crawl when balancing a hot pot of tea… Yet he managed it.

Once in the stairwell, he stood and carried the tray carefully down to his waiting aunt. He stood by her side quietly and held the tray, waiting for instructions.

“Good boy. Put it down there and get on all fours. Today you will serve as my coffee table while I paint. This will be an exercise in obedience and self discipline. You will remain perfectly still and not spill a drop until I am done.”

He found himself involuntarily thrilling at the words “good boy”.  He wanted to hear those words again. Pleasing aunt felt like the sun coming out from clouds. He knelt without any resistance. Earlier training had taught him that this was his place.

When he had adjusted himself to make his back as flat as possible, aunty placed the tray on his back. She hummed to herself as she poured herself some tea.

“Very good boy. I have no intention of granting you orgasmic ejaculation today. You most certainly haven’t earned it! However there are other ways of emptying your balls while keeping you in chastity. With this method, I could keep you caged indefinitely. Aunt stroked her bosom where her keys were kept.

Permanently! Never allowed an orgasm? This news was cause for alarm! Yet he dared not move for fear of spilling the tea. He waited for her to explain further. She didn’t.

“Of course, as always, I will take care of you and begin your training slowly. This brings me to the matter of the other task I set you for today. You are to hold my paint brushes for me.”

Jayden was confused. His hands were occupied keeping perfectly in his role as living coffee table, and his mouth was full of unspitable dummy. 

He could hear aunty doing something but he wasn’t sure what. She was a diligent aunt and did indeed intend to take care of him. She fixing flared devices securely on her brushes to ensure that they didn’t accidentally disappear…

However all Jayden felt was her cool hands slipping under his panties and cupping his balls.

“Yes they are quite full.  We might need to give them a good milking,” muttered aunty to herself.

Her hands then slipped his pink knickers down to just below his buttocks. He caught his breath. Somehow, having satin knickers pulled down felt more exposed than being naked!

He then felt the smooth, slender wooden handle of aunt’s paintbrush slip between his buttocks. He tensed in alarm!

“Shshshshs…. don’t spill my tea boy.” said aunty in the tone of voice one would use when calming a spooked horse. She even stroked his flank comfortingly.

“Shshshs… there now… I will begin your training slowly.  All you have to do today is hold my brushes for me. That’s all.”

Jayden’s eye’s widened as he realised what she was doing a moment before the tip of the first brush found his pucker and slipped inside.

The tea tray rattled dangerously. Aunty had actually removed all hot tea and replaced it with ice water but Jayden was unaware of that. He just feared spilling it.

“Hold still my boy,” she cooed as she slid the handle in and out a little, finding the right angle.

It felt shocking. Nothing had ever been inserted in his anus before. He squeezed his hole tight in fear.

Aunty noticed and gently laughed. “It is a simple task Jayden. Simply serve my tea and hold my brushes for me while I paint.  Now relax that hole. Aunty knows best.”

It took all his concentration to hold his position and loosen his hole. Her hands stroked his buttocks some more to calm him.  When he had calmed some more, she gently slid another brush into his arse.

A moan escaped his lips. It felt wrong… dirty… humiliating… and… surprising pleasurable!

Aunty knew. She always knew. How long had she been planning this? Had this crossed her mind when she first caught him sniffing her panties? Just how twisted was his aunty?

Her laugh tinkled as his muscles began to strain to hold his position.

“Three more brushes to go… You are lucky I am only using five today… “

Five! That is actually quite thick when you add them altogether! She gently but steadfastly worked all five brushes into his bottom. She then leaned back to appreciate her handy work… and enjoy a honey cake.

The scent of aunt’s favourite tea and cake was now forever infused with Jayden’s first ever anal erotic experience. How could a younger woman ever compare with the mind of Aunty Artemisia?

Aunty turned the music back up and resumed her painting, every so often stopping to change brushes. She seemed completely unconcerned about Jayden’s ordeal. 

Jayden strained with all his might to hold the position and honestly he did quite well, but the human body is not designed to remain in one position for long and he began to shake with the strain of it… He tried so very hard to keep still.  After all it was only a simple task he had been given. The last thing he wanted to do was fail Aunty again.

Eventually, the inevitable happened. He simply couldn’t fight it anymore.  That is the moment things shifted.

He learned  that sinking into the burning of his muscles and embracing the discomfort was easier than struggling against it. He let go. He still held his position steadfastly but he no longer resisted the pain, but instead, surrendered to it. Aunty was going to take as long as she wanted to and there was nothing at all he could do about it. He let himself sink into the music and submitted to her entirely.

The image of the mermaid/siren drowning the sailor began to take life, perhaps infused by his sacrifice.

Aunt began to sing along with the surreal music.  She was having a wonderful time and Jayden found that to his surprise, her happiness, was his happiness. She was fusing him to her and what is more, he wanted her to. Her painting became more and more frantic as she was swept away in the creative flow. Her change of brushes ever more frequent…

Jayden noticed that even though his cock was completely unable to become erect, it was leaking fluid copiously. He noticed that he began to yearn for Aunty to change brushes again and again and again.  It felt like nothing he had ever experienced before! It felt wonderful.

Toward the end, aunty removed the paintbrushes with no warning at all. Jayden felt the sudden absence and yearned to be filled again. Although he was hardly moving, his whole body was broadcasting his desire to be penetrated.

Just like when he had practically humped the shed floor in order to get release, he lost all sense of shame and just moaned. He was consumed by his arousal now. Only this was different. This wasn’t the urgent needy selfish urge he had before. This was a surrender. A desire to be taken and possessed by his Aunty… by this spectacular Dominant Woman. He just wanted to be owned by her. And yet there were no more paint brushes going in and out of him. He ached all over to be filled by her.

At this very moment, she inserted her gloved finger and expertly found his prostate. She massaged his just firm enough to push the fluid up and out.

There was so much of it! That was the last thought he had before he ceased to be able to think at all. He was just sensation. Just a thing. A hole for aunty to use. This is who he was always meant to be.

He didn’t orgasm that day. Nor did he ejaculate. He was simply milked. His erotic trance did not burst like it does when a male ejaculates the more mainstream way.  However to his surprise he did not miss it at all. He had entered the euphoria of sub space.


Later, he left aunty’s house, still wearing the cage and the pink frilly knickers under his ordinary suburban clothes. As he walked out the door, Tara and the twins waved to him from across the street. They were still in their bikinis and sarongs, walking home.

Jayden didn’t even notice.

Mistress Artemisia de Vine

Melbourne-based Professional Dominatrix, Mistress Artemisia de Vine, specialises in both traditional dungeon scenes as well as explorations of domestic-style kink. 

Her expertise is delving into the erotic pscyche to map each person’s unique sexual imprint. She then designs both one-off play scenes and ongoing D/s training dynamics based on what she uncovers, in conjunction with Her natural inclinations and interests.