How to Apply for a Session

Minimum of 24hrs notice essential! 

I only accept two applicants a week. If you wish to be one of those lucky two, then follow application protocol carefully.

My preference is to speak directly to you on the phone. 

While you may make initial contact via email if that is easier for you, My response will be to ask you to call as I need to speak to you briefly in person to ensure we are on the same page.

Therefore, if you can, save us both some time by just calling from the get go.

Successful applicants politely introduce themselves, telling Me: 

Their name

Level of experience

They then politely request: 

1. The style of session they are hoping to be granted.
For example:  

I am a masochist, hoping to be granted ball busting
Or I am a submissive sissy, hoping to be trained as a maid
Or I am not submissive, but I am hoping to be permitted to explore anal play with you…

If you are new and confused as to what is the most appropriate kind of session for you, I can help you work that out, but you need to provide a starting point by communicating the kinds of things that have you curious. 

2. Tell Me the day, time and length of session they are hoping to be granted.

Do NOT call on a blocked number. 

Approach with your best manners, have a respectful attitude and be honest. Other than that, just be yourself!


Mistress Artemisia de Vine

+61 0420 415 658

When: Mon-Fri 10am-10pm

Location: Abotsford and Melbourne CBD areas, Australia.

24hrs notice required, pre-booking essential and a non refundable deposit holds your spot.
Discrete payment options provided. 

Bringing Gifts and Offerings

For those of you who like to express your appreciation through tokens of gifts, I appreciate:

Bottles of red wine (Shiraz or Pinot Noir)  
Smokey (Peaty) Whiskeys

For those who enjoy doting on their Mistress, I have a wishlist

of kinky equipment and ways of pampering Me.

Surprise amounts of cash for Me to spend as I wish, always goes down well.