Domestic Kink Scenes
Domestic Kink Scenes

From Twisted Aunt Role Plays to Maid training

For those who love to explore their kinky side in Domestic Atmospheres

Has aunty caught you rummaging through her underwear draw? Now she is going to make you wear them while she bends you over her knee for a sound spanking, followed by a thorough pegging, to teach you what it is like t be objectified. It  is for you own good you know!

Or Perhaps you have been lazy and spoilt and need to be taught the meaning of hard work by being trained as Step mother’s sissy maid? 

Your corporote bitch boss has found reason to fire you unless you submit to her twisted will…

Not all domestic kink is role playing though! There are opportunities to genuinely be trained in D/s dynamics through chastity and orgasm control, service, adult baby/ diaper lover AB/DL, spanking and discipline, fetishes and more…

Domination can be nurturing or it can be cruel and intense. Sometimes something else altogether… We negotiate our mutual interests around this in the pre-play consultation. 

What does a Domestic Kink Session Contain?

Each session, 2 hours or longer contains:

30min in depth consultation and mapping of your unique erotic psyche. This makes an enormous difference to what W/we get out of the O/our time together. I pick up on all sorts of unconscious motivations, emotional aphrodisiacs, core erotic themes and trigger switches during our chat together. W/we negotiate safe words and a consent agreement to respect boundaries. I then use all this to create an experience in the zone where our interests and desires naturally overlap. The actual activities we do together come out of this discussion and will vary from person to person. 

Showers at beginning and end

Play time

The option of 15min debrief/check in on the phone within 48 hours of our encounter. 

All this allows Me to create the proper safe container to more satisfying exploration of BDSM. 

I have found that 2-3 hours is usually the right amount of time for the human psyche to unfold into a meaningful experience. Shorter sessions tend to sacrifice authentic processes in the name of economy. Longer sessions go even deeper but are usually not needed for first timers. Only those who want to truly delve into the possibilities need enquire about longer bookings.  


Types of Scenarios & Domestic Kink activities

Domestic Kink Scenarios can overlap with traditional BDSM activities or they can branch out into creative new areas.  Dominant and submissive training is genuine power exchange but role plays allows for a different flavoured exploration. The types of activities I like to indulge in include: 

Anal Play: from single finger prostate massage, to pegging and extreme fisting
Discipline and Corporal Punishment

Chastity training and orgasm control 
Impact Play

Cock and ball Torture
Ball busting
Nipple Torture
Slave training
Power exchange
Dominance/submissive training
Protocol training
Cross dressing
Forced sissifiction
Forced Bi training
Sissy Slut
Golden Showers
Foot Worship
Role Play
Psychological Play
Needle Play
Medical Play
Enema Play 
So much more… 



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